Sunday, 26 April 2015

Comfort your baby with Snooze baby #Review #Giveaway

When I was young, I remember that I always carry my favorite blanket with me. I don't like when my mom put it in the washer for me since I dragged it everywhere because it didn't smell like the blanket I like. I didn't let my mom get rid of it, even though it looked pretty gross. She even made me another blanket but I still didn't like it. Now my daughter also has her favorite stuffed toy. She has to carry it with her everywhere she goes.

Many of us have experience like this. Babies and young children have their comfort objects. They provide a sense of security which help children soothe themselves and cope with many everyday feelings and experiences.

Many babies and children become attached to their comfort objects, whether it’s a pacifier, a special blanket or a stuffed animal. Childish Notions just brought new perfect items from Europe.

Snooze baby is a cute dummy clip that can be attached to prams or clothing. It only weight 24 grams and 29 cm long. This cute little bunny is handmade with partly 100% cotton and partly 100% polyester, helps promotes sense of touch, offers comfort and joy and stimulates fine motor skills. There are 2 choices for you to choose from, Gila (pink bunny) for girls and Nilo (gray bunny) for boys. It comes in a nice looking package.

The front package after I took Nilo out.

This is the back.

The clip that can be attached to prams or clothing.

The other end that can be attached to babies' favorite toy or soother.

Nilo is very soft. His hands making crunchy noise when I squeeze them. He also equipped with many tags and opportunities for babies and children to exercise their tactile senses. The clip in the back seems very strong. I attached soother to the bottom of Nilo for Elias.

Win it!
One of my lucky readers will win Gila, the bunny in fuschia. She is just like Nilo but comes in fuschia color. This giveaway is open for Canada.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Thicker my hair with Fibralogy #FibralogyWorks #Review

I have been dealing with my hair thin since I was teenager. I have tried many different medicine, seeing many doctors or clinics but none of them works. I am super glad that I have a chance to try out L'Oreal Fibralogy VoxBox from Influenster for free.

This is my hair as you can see it is very thin.

While I was waiting for my VoxBox, I watched this VDO to see what am I getting.

The package is super beautiful with my favorite color. There are 3 products in the box. Fibralogy thickening shampoo, Fibralogy thickness booster and Fibralogy thickening conditioner. I have to use them in 3 following steps for thick, confidence-boosting hair.

Step 1
Wash with Fibralogy thickening shampoo. It is specially developed with Filloxane, the formula thickens the hair fibres and provides deep cleansing. I just have to apply on wet hair, lather, then rinse as normal shampoo.

Step 2

Boost with Fibralogy thickeness booster. This is an intensive thickening formula with L'Oreal's highest concentrationof Filloxane (5%) to deliver an instantly visible thickening effect. I have to use this product the same amount as I would use of conditioner. I have to apply all over hair from root to tip. The most inportant is, DO NOT RINSE AFTER YOU PUT IT ON! (Just wait until Step 3)

I found this step is a little tricky. To be able to use the same amount as I would use the conditioner, I might end up use all of the product in one week. I did my best by making sure that the product is all over my hair from root to the end of my hair.

Step 3
Condition with Fibralogy thickening conditioner. This is a conditioning formula containing Filloxane that nourishes and thickens hair without weighing it down. I have to work through the lengths of your hair, right to the tip. Then I can rinse out both booster from step 2 and conditioner from step 3.

I have been trying the products for about 2 weeks now. It says that I can see the different after I used the products 5 times. My husband commented since the first time I tried the products that my hair looks better already! I feel that the products feel creamy. For the step 2 and 3, I feel like my hair absorb all the products in. When I rinse, some brands are very slippery but for Fibralogy, there is not much to rinse off. This is very interesting!

This is me with my pony tail before I use Fibralogy products.
"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Boy's Toddler Lil Viking with Wholesale Halloween Costumes #Review

I love working for Wholesale Halloween Costume. They have many costumes for all ages. This year they have many more costumes for 2015 that I spent a lot of time choosing the cutest one for my son, Elias. There are so many cute ones and I want them all. lol I finally, with the help from my husband, chose Lil' Viking costume for him.

As always, I am very pleased with the quality of the costume. This adorable little Viking costume is a full body jumpsuit. It seems very well made and will keep my son warm when we have to go outside. I am thinking ahead about this Halloween. Usually it is pretty cold. Last year, my daughter was really cold in her princess dress. I am really glad that I got this Lil' Viking jumpsuit. As you can see in the pictures, It can covers his whole body. Plus, I can put more clothes under him to keep him warm and he still looks great like a little Viking.

This costume included the black shoe covers that have grip-style soles. If he can walk by that time, this will help him to not slip waling in the house before he go trick or treating and keep him warm over his socks when he go out.

The thick top has a short-sleeved base and chain mail mesh sleeves. Plush gray fur runs along the bottom and cuffs. Super cute and very well made!

 There are snap buttons along the legs. This will be very handy when I need to change his diapers! What a smart idea. This costume makes mamas happy in every way.

The outfit comes with sewn-in belt. (Just to make it even more adorable.)

 This is the front.

 This is what it look like from the back.

 The back of the jumpsuit has zipper, very easy to put on and take it off.

Not only that, here comes the best part, the Viking helmet. The helmet has a feather-soft orange beard attached to the inside.

Look at my little Viking!

"Erik the Red" Such a cute viking...not scary at all. hehe

Some costume cannot be washed. To me, it is not very clean specially when you lend it to someone. I love costumes that can be washed. This one can be washed in cold, gentle cycle. Of course, cannot bleach. After the wash, it has to be hung dry. Cannot be ironed. It is perfect for me and my little Viking Elias!

I have a very good news for you. This little Viking costume just came on sale. Instead of $64.49, you pay only $42.99! (That is $21.50 in saving!)You will be very pleased with this costume.

Reading my review, and like Wholesale Halloween Costumes? Don't forget to like WHC on Facebook so you won't miss anything when the new costumes arrive!


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